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This year, we had amazing applications from all across the world featuring girls connect computer science to their passions, which is a main goal of coderGirls. We graded your submission based on creativity, passion mixing with computer science, effort, and video production style. Our judges had no relation to any applicants, so the results are unbiased

2018 Winners

Vandana Chari

I started learning violin at the age of 10. Although the last 4 years of learning have been deeply rewarding, there were certain nuances of violin playing that have been difficult for me to master. Controlling the frequency was one of those. I struggled with assessing the Dynamic Levels of the notes being played. The inventor in me kept whispering that there is a better way to do this. Having that type of visual feedback would make it easier to assess the Dynamic Level and adjust accordingly. From my experiences playing in orchestras, I have identified a problem that is as pervasive as global warming (in context of orchestras, I mean). Beginner players find it difficult to assess the Dynamic Levels and adjust notes while playing the violin. I went through the same cycle. But, I am also fortunate to have had a talented and dedicated conductor invested in my success.

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Sofiya Lysenko

Sofiya is a sophomore attending the Abington Senior High School in Abington, Pennsylvania. Inspired by women bioengineers at the 2015 ProjectCSGirls competition (where she prototyped an app to assist children with autism), she used her science fair project, a homemade gel electrophoresis device, and algorithms from Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio to predict the next mutation of the Zika virus for the 2016 ProjectCSGirls competition, where she won the 4th place national prize. She now focuses on expanding her independent research interests by designing DNA robots and educating and inspiring other girls. She has designed and run several workshop series for girls in computer science, most recently the “You Can Code: Just For Girls” series in Fall 2017 and also established her junior high school’s first Coding Club. She currently assists in professional scientific research in two separate institutions.

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