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About Us

coderGirls is an international nonprofit organization to educate and empower female K-12 students in computer science. Since the beginning, I have implemented chapters and given curriculum to 85 Girl Scout councils and over 350 schools, which reach over 500,000 girls. In doing so, coderGirls wants to create an impact, so the main focus is for our chapters to connect computer science to doing community outreach and their passions. We have 43 chapters in over 10 countries, such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Ukraine, Philippines, and in various states to educate in our curriculum of Python With EarSketch to Make Music, MITAppInventor to Create Apps, JavaScript to Animate, Scratch to Draw & Animate, HTML & CSS to Make A Website, and C++ For Hardware Coding. Then, we are partnered with White House’s CSForAll, National Center for Women and Information Technology, Let’s Start Coding, and more. With our partners, there is an impact on 900 organizations, on 30 states, and with the potential to impact of 100% of U.S. girls. At the moment, we are working with the National Girl Scouts of America for our courses to be used in their computer science curriculum and to create a coding badge. Our efforts together has a potential impact on 2.7 million girls.

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