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coderGirls Announces Partnership with ProjectileX

Today, coderGirls announced its partnership with ProjectileX, a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering entrepreneurship among minorities through business education programs, pro-bono marketing consulting groups, incubators, impact funds, and conferences.

“One of our organization’s main missions is to connect code to various passions, and our partnership with ProjectileX allows students to connect their passion for business/entrepreneurship with computer science.”

– Briana Berger, CEO & Founder, coderGirls

Together, coderGirls and ProjectileX are working on a new mixed curriculum where the students will learn business and code hand-in-hand. In the program, we will also be working with Stanford’s Design School to create a technology entrepreneurship curriculum. The opportunities are endless, and the partnership will not only create a new curriculum, but it will also increase woman participation in both fields.

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