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Inspire_Her Feature: Olivia R. Colombo

Olivia is a junior in high school and works on diverse projects in science, arts, and humanities. She is one of the thirty members of the Jane Goodall Institute’s USA National Youth Leadership Council. Olivia works closely with Dr. Jane Goodall and her staff, spreading a message of hope and youth empowerment as she travels nationally public speaking and serving. From beach clean-ups to electronics recycling drives, Olivia leads community service projects to help people, animals, and the environment. Additionally, Olivia paints portraits for kids with cancer to brighten their day, she does climate change research with NASA, she travels the country public speaking, and in her free time, she teaches kids how to play with robots. Her favorite projects involve a combination of science, service, art, and Catholic faith. She earned a provisional patent from the USPTO on her “Green Highway Project,” a renewable energy technology that aims to put an end to climate change. Some of her biggest accomplishments include a national title from ProjectCSGIRLS, a fine art Boston Globe