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This year, we had amazing applications from all across the United States featuring girls connect computer science to their passions, which is a main goal of coderGirls. We graded your submission based on creativity, passion mixing with computer science, effort, and video production style. Our judges had no relation to any applicants, so the results are unbiased

2017 Winners

1st Place: Jenna McClellan

Jenna is a rising junior at Centennial High School in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Jenna has been programming for approximately five years, and is currently fluent in HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, Swift, and App Inventor. She participates in Science Olympiad as her club’s secretary. Jenna is a founding member of the Centennial Computer Science Community Service club, which was established to teach basic programming skills to children and youth with disabilities. Jenna also participates in Varsity Cross Country and Track for her high school.

2nd Place: Anita Boonkure

My name is Anita Boonkure. I am a freshman in highschool with a passion for mainly design and art. I wanted to create an app where I would be able to demonstrate my artistic skills as well as my knowledge in coding, so I made this fashion game.

3rd Place: Lavanya Uppala

Lavanya, from Omaha, Nebraska has many goals in her life. She is an active member of the Teen Advisory Board (TAB) of her public library and helps set up events. She has worked with some friends, to create and teach a Java Club to give other youth the opportunity to code. Lavanya is currently an intern at Union Pacific Railroad, helping employees solve their software or hardware problems. Knowing PHP Laravel, HTML, Javascript, Java and CSS she works on creating useful code bits in her free time, and was on the team that placed first in the 2016 Nullify competition at UNO. In college Lavanya wants to major in Computer Science and Medicine, so that she can become a Biomedical Engineer or Research Scientist, and contribute to the advancement of medicine and way of human life.

Read Her Interview
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